Moda LogoMIEC is the leading crude oil storage and export terminal along the Gulf Coast. The terminal is strategically located in Ingleside with access to ample marine waterfront and pipeline connectivity, making it a cost advantaged location for storing and exporting crude oil and products. 

MIEC is a critical link connecting growing Permian and Eagle Ford production to international markets. The terminal has direct connectivity to ‘next generation’ long-haul crude pipelines (Cactus I, Cactus II, Gray Oak, EPIC, and others) at both Taft and MIEC. 

Map of the MIEC site

Crude Storage Infrastructure

  • Current storage capacity totals ~11.5 MMBbls
    • 6 x 350,000 + 19 x 495,000
  • Phase IV ~3.5 MMBbls expansion, expected completion mid-2021
    • 7 x 495,000
  • Drain-dry tanks with internal floating roofs minimize inventory heels 
  • State-of-the-art manifold capable to receive multiple pipelines at mainline rates into all tanks
  • Segregated capacity to control quality of various crude grades
  • Blending and tank-to-tank transfers

Marine Infrastructure

  • 3 deepwater vessel berths (1 x VLCC, 1 x Suezmax, and 1 x Aframax) 
  • Fastest loading rates in the US Gulf Coast (combined 160,000 bph)
  • Vessel turnaround < 24 hours
  • Proximity to open water enhances turnaround capabilities 
  • Minimal port congestion 
  • Advantaged draft (45’ going to 52’ by 4Q 2021)

Additional Infrastructure

  • 3 x 80,000 bunker storage under construction, expected completion EOY 2020
  • 2 x 40,000 LPG spheres with refrigeration equipment 
  • 925 acres of land available to further grow infrastructure 

Taft Hub

Taft Hub

Taft Hub is evolving into a distribution hub for pipelines. The area has numerous pipeline and terminal operators with acreage, tanks, and connectivity. This provides optionality to customers and makes it a natural pricing point for the Corpus market. Moda owns a parcel of land with existing infrastructure in the middle of Taft Hub.

Facility and Service 

  • 50 acre footprint 
  • Existing 1 x 350,000 barrel tank 
  • Permitted for an additional 7 x 350,000 barrel tanks
  • Existing pumps and meters 
  • Connected to EPIC and Viola with Harvest connection underway
  • New manifold header to support future interconnection to all pipelines



Corpus Christi’s proximity to the Permian makes it the preferred destination for export barrels which has spurred major investment in building out pipeline infrastructure to the area. Three new pipelines have come online between 2019 and 2020 all equipped with state-of-the-art batching capabilities. Additionally, these pipelines offer some of the lowest pipeline rates among Permian to Gulf Coast pipelines. MIEC has direct connectivity to these next gen long-haul Permian pipelines at full mainline rates. MIEC’s geographical location and facility capabilities makes it the preferred destination for export barrels out of Corpus.

Pipeline Connectivity

  • Cactus I (via Viola*)
    • Capacity: 300,000 bpd 
    • Diameter: 20”
  • Cactus II* 
    • Capacity: 670,000 bpd
    • Diameter: 26”
  • EPIC
    • Capacity: 400,000 bpd
    • Diameter: 20”
  • Gray Oak 
    • Capacity: 1,000,000 bpd
    • Diameter: 30”
  • Harvest Arrowhead Ingleside
    • Capacity: 600,000 bpd
    • Diameter: 24” 
  • Red Oak – Future connection
    • Capacity: 1,000,000 bpd
    • Diameter: 30”

*Moda owned pipelines (100% of Viola and 20% of Cactus II)