Moda Midstream’s top priorities are safely and reliably operating our facilities, creating a world-class organization for our employees and providing superior service to our customers. Moda is committed to delivering value to all stakeholders: our employees, our partners, our clients, our service providers, the communities in which we live and work and the environment.

Our focus is to avoid or eliminate circumstances that lead to accidents, injuries and potential harm to the environment. The following guidelines, which we will strive to continuously improve, are the cornerstones of our HSSE Policy.

Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Policy

  • Create a safe, healthy and sound working environment for all employees, contractors and visitors through proper engineering, personal protective equipment, housekeeping and training.
  • Provide comprehensive HSSE guidance with the aim of identifying risks, responsibilities and channels of communication.
  • Assess all potential hazards and security issues in order to avoid, prevent, control and/or reduce risk.
  • Meet or exceed any and all applicable laws and regulations and necessary standards relevant to our operations.
  • Design, build, maintain, operate and manage world-class facilities that safeguard our stakeholders, maximizing safety, energy efficiency and protection of the environment.
  • Define and measure performance indicators to promote constant improvement in all relevant areas focusing on our stakeholders.
  • Always be efficient and never wasteful in the use of natural resources.
  • Create, promote and preserve awareness in our employees to respond adequately and responsibly to adverse situations.

Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Minimum Standards

Every member of the Moda team must abide by the guidelines in the HSSE Policy. The following minimum standards are based upon those guidelines. Moda will strive to exceed these standards and perform at the highest level each and every day.

  • The workplace will be at all times an alcohol- and drug-free workspace.
  • There will be no smoking on company premises other than in designated areas.
  • There will be no mobile telephones in operational areas unless devices are cleared for use by the operational area’s managing authority.
  • There will be no texting while driving at any time.
  • The proper use of seat belts will be required in all moving vehicles.
  • All vehicles will be driven in a safe manner and at no times will they be driven above posted speed limits.
  • Secured areas will be clearly identified and respected at all times. Secured areas will not be entered without proper permitting and supervision.
  • “Lock Out/Tag Out” procedures will be used. Isolation will be verified prior to work commencing. When applicable at all times, equipment should be verified to be free of product, pressure and be certified as gas free prior to work commencing.
  • Proper PPE shall be worn at all times.
  • Any and all work will permitted by proper Permit Authorizer as identified within operational and project areas.
  • All digging/excavation/dirt work will require proper notification to regulatory authorities and will require the relevant permitting.
  • Lifting plans will be required to be assessed, approved and inspected for any and all heavy lifts.
  • No override or bypass of any safety equipment will be allowed.
  • When designated and as instructed life vests will be required in the areas by the waterfront.
  • Fall protection is mandatory and required as per regulation.
  • Look out for others. Always intervene if you see something unsafe or dangerous. IT IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK OUT FOR YOUR SAFETY AND THAT OF OTHERS.